Tenant Screening Services

Snag the apartment of your dreams- Keep you Social Security Number private

Applying for an apartment can make you feel vulnerable and uneasy. It isn’t every day you hand your very personal information over to a stranger to see if you qualify for their rental- just to see a dip in in your credit score after they check your credit.

Luckily, ScreenRenters is different. Our simple online rental application makes applying convenient and easy. You won’t have you share your social security number with your landlord, and since the background check is initiated by you, the renter, your credit score won’t take a hit.

What’s Included

Free For Landlords

$39 for Applicants

Online Rental Application

TransUnion Credit Score

TransUnion Credit Report

Nationwide Criminal Report

Nationwide Eviction Report

Nationwide Sex Offender

Terrorist OFAC List

SSN Fraud Search

Identity Verification

Tenant Screening FAQS For Renters

Do I need to provide my credit and criminal history?

We highly recommend renters do. Thorough tenant screening involves checking the credit and criminal history of prospective tenants. This step gives landlords more financial and safety assurance before signing a new lease with a tenant. With your permission, ScreenRenters provides this information to landlords to aid your screening process.

Can a credit check affect my credit score?

No. ScreenRenters facilitates a ‘soft credit inquiry’ by providing landlords with the consumer report the prospective tenant submits. Since you initiate the release, it’s more like a background check and doesn’t affect your score, unlike when landlords or lenders request your credit history through the traditional method. That procedure triggers a ‘hard credit inquiry,’ which can drop your score in some instances.

What if I didn’t receive a signup email request?

Tenants cannot sign up on ScreenRenters without an invitation from a landlord. Ensure the landlord entered the correct email address; they could be mixing letters, missing symbols, or entering a different email. If you’re sure the email address is valid, double-check your spam folder or junk mail. Please add our email address (no-reply@screenrenters.com) to your safe list or address book to prevent your server from flagging our future emails.

What should I do if I don’t want the landlord to receive my information?

After you receive an invitation from a landlord, you may select one of the two options: Select Confirm (if you wish to proceed) or Decline (to cancel the screening process). No party will incur any charges for this action. Alternatively, you can ignore the email. Neither party is charged if either party cancels the application before the screening. ScreenRenters will not provide any background information without receiving your approval first.

Can I proceed without a social security number?

No, you can’t. At the moment, ScreenRenters can only support prospective tenants with a US social security number. Please, discuss further actions on the application process with the inquiring landlord.

Why do I need to answer identity authentication questions?

ScreenRenters prioritizes the safety of all our user data. Identity Authentication Questions are a means to verify your identity and prevent fraudulent access to sensitive consumer information.

What if I don’t pass the online identity authentication?

For security reasons, ScreenRenters require that tenants verify their identity before TransUnion can release sensitive personal reports. If you cannot pass the online identity authentication process, you may contact ScreenRenters for a solution. The tenant may obtain their information in most cases by contacting TransUnion’s consumer solutions.

How can I be sure ScreenRenters is safe for tenants?

ScreenRenters is powered by TransUnion-a reliable credit reporting agency securely holding information for nearly every credit-active consumer in the US. It is one of the safest ways to obtain your credit history, as the information stays between you, the company, and the landlord you approve.

Who can see my credit and criminal information?

Only the landlord you approve. ScreenRenters only grants access to your credit and criminal information after you approve a landlord’s request.

What information can a landlord see?

When you accept a landlord’s invitation and approve their inquiry, ScreenRenters grants them access to view your credit and criminal information. Based on your data history, ScreenRenters makes informed recommendations on a potential tenant’s eligibility. Landlords do not have access to see more sensitive information like your social security or account numbers.

How long can a landlord have access to my information?

When you grant a landlord access to your information, they can freely view your history for 60 days, during which they can conclude the screening process. After that timeframe, ScreenRenters withhold your data for safety.

Can I use ScreenRenter services for other businesses?

No. ScreenRenters only facilitates tenant applications and screenings, so only landlords can access prospective renter’s information with permission.

Do I get a copy of the information you provide?

Yes. ScreenRenters is dedicated to transparency and will happily provide a report of the information disclosed to any landlord upon request. You’ll have to pass an identity verification process to obtain the report for security measures.

Income Insights FAQS For Renters

Will a recent income change reflect on your report?

ScreenRenters discloses information based on the latest data from TransUnion Income Insights. Thus, any delay on their end to update a recent change might not reflect in your report.

What if I disagree with the income report?

If you disagree or notice an error in the report provided by Income Insights, you’re free to open a dispute with TransUnion. You’ll have to gather the necessary documents that prove your claim and file a complaint with their credit bureau.

How does Income Insights estimate my financial ability?

Income insights uses versatile statistical tools to estimate consumer wages. Their model primarily relies on the history of a consumer’s credit report. It measures values such as wages, rent, and loan repayments to estimate your financial ability.

Does Income Insight use non-work income?

Yes. For a more accurate result, Income Insight considers your total income, including those from a pension, social security, investment, and alimony.

Can I get a copy of my Income Insight report?

Yes, ScreenRenters will disclose the contents of your Income Insight report on request. Don’t hesitate to contact customer service for a consumer’s copy of your report.

What if my self-reported income does not match Income Insights report?

If your self-reported income is more considerable than Income Insights reports, you might have to answer some questions from the landlord. Since they cannot legally decline your application because of mismatched reports, they can request additional documents to verify your claim.