Tenant Screening for Private Landlords

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Between listings, showings, rent collection, maintenance requests, and more, we know that private landlords are busy! ScreenRenters makes tenant screening fast and simple.

ScreenRenters gives you everything you need to know about your potential tenants with our online rental application, tenant credit check, tenant background check, and identity verification all in one place and at no cost.

  • Free for Landlords and Property Managers
  • No Sign-up Costs
  • No Hidden fees
  • No Commitments
  • Serving all 50 U.S. States and Territories
  • No waiting for reports
Tenant screening,

How it Works

Invite Tenant to Apply

Add your property’s unique application link to your listing or email it directly to an applicant. No applications or fees to collect.

Tenant Authorizes Screening Reports and Pays

Tenant completes the online rental application, uploads requested documents, and pays the application and screening fee.

Landlord Receives Tenant Screening Reports

Within minutes, the landlord receives the reports and can accept or deny the applicant. Adverse action notices are sent to denied applicants.

Tenant Background Check

We search over 370 million criminal records from national and state databases to provide landlords with the most accurate information about their applicant.

Instant Results- Delivered within Minutes

Credit Bureau record matching, lowering the risk of false positives.

Millions of records searched.

Results from National and State Databases

Online Rental Application

No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your rental application and tenant screening. Our digital application covers the most common tenant questions delivered right to your inbox upon completion.

Basic Contact Information

Housing History and Landlord References

Income and Employment

Pets, Smoking, and More.

Resident Recommendation

More than just reports, ScreenRenters compiles all the data from your applicant’s background check, rental history, credit score, and income to make a recommendation.

Leasing Recommendation

Income to Rent Ratio

Document Interpretation

Lease with confidence

Tenant Credit Score

View your applicant’s credit score, credit usage, late payments and more with ScreenRenters. Reports are compiled by TransUnion- a trusted name in the credit industry.

Credit Score provided by TransUnion

Simple Formatting

No impact on your applicant’s credit score

Viewable on your computer, phone, or tablet

What’s Included

Free For Landlords

$39 for Applicants

Online Rental Application

TransUnion Credit Score

TransUnion Credit Report

Nationwide Criminal Report

Nationwide Eviction Report

Nationwide Sex Offender

Terrorist OFAC List

SSN Fraud Search

Identity Verification

Landlord Tenant Screening FAQs

What makes ScreenRenters unique as an online tenant screening company?

The three main reasons ScreenRenters is a unique tenant screening solution are:
1. It is swift – When both parties are on board, landlords and applicants can swiftly create an account on ScreenRenters and begin the screening process.
2. It is consumer-initiated – The tenant plays a significant role in screening by disclosing personal information on ScreenRenters’ secure website. That makes it possible for the landlord to view their relevant history with consent.
3. It does not affect credit scores – Unlike traditional tenant screening methods, using ScreenRenters does not reduce an applicant’s score because we perform a soft pull.

Can I use ScreenRenters if the renter doesn’t sign up?

No, you cannot. As a consumer-initiated service, ScreenRenters can neither access nor disclose any personal information about an applicant without their consent. Alternative means that do not require the tenant’s participation are often unsafe for collecting personal consumer data.

Can I proceed if the tenant doesn’t have a social security number?

No, you can’t. At the moment, ScreenRenters can only support prospective tenants with a US social security number. Please, discuss further actions on the application process with the inquiring landlord.

Does ScreenRenters report rental arrears to the credit bureau?

No, ScreenRenters cannot report any unpaid rent in an applicant’s credit report. If you’re concerned about back rent, you may contact a collection agency to make inquiries.

Can I verify an applicant’s employment history with ScreenRenters?

No, ScreenRenters does not verify the employment history of prospective tenants. We recommend asking the renter for work references.

Can I verify previous rental history with ScreenRenters?

No, ScreenRenters does not verify the rental history of prospective tenants. We recommend cross-checking with your local apartment association.

What if my applicant doesn’t pass the online identity authentication?

For security reasons, ScreenRenters require that tenants verify their identity before TransUnion can release sensitive personal reports. If they cannot pass the online identity authentication process, you may contact ScreenRenters for a solution. The tenant may obtain their information in most cases by contacting TransUnion’s consumer solutions.

What if the renter doesn’t get an email from ScreenRenters?

Tenants cannot sign up on ScreenRenters without an invitation from a landlord. Ensure that you entered the correct email address. You could be mixing letters, missing symbols, or entering a different email. Also, ensure the email address is correct, and ask the applicant to double-check their spam folder or junk mail. Please add our email address no-reply@screenrenters.com to your safe list or address book to prevent the server from flagging our future emails. You can also send your applicant the application URL directly.

What is a Resident Score?

A resident score is a metric tool to gauge the tenant’s ability to fulfill their rental obligations.