Reassuring Tenants During COVID

Reassuring Tenants During COVID

Facing unemployment, health risks, and uncertainty due to the pandemic, many tenants need reassurance right now. As a landlord, you can make current and prospective renters feel safe and welcome.

Get Your Own Affairs in Order

Before you can deal with your renters’ financial situation, you need to sort out your own. If you own your property, you have some leeway with negotiating rent payments. If you have payments to make on an investment property loan, you may want to talk to your bank.

Communicate Often

Try to keep the communication lines as open as possible. Speak with your tenants and prospective tenants about their financial position and try to be as flexible as possible. Check in on your current tenants often, as the pandemic changes people’s circumstances rapidly.

Respect COVID Guidelines

Let your current and prospective tenants know that you respect the proper social distancing and hygiene protocols. Check your local and state regulations on COVID-19 often, as they’re subject to change. If possible, go beyond what the minimum requirements are to demonstrate that you take your tenants’ health and safety seriously.

Hire professional cleaners

If you have a vacant property you’re trying to rent out, you should hire a professional cleaning service before showing it to prospective renters. Both you and your potential tenants will feel more confident knowing there’s no trace of coronavirus in the vacant unit.

Use tech to promote social distancing

With today’s technology, it’s possible to reduce in-person contact with current and prospective renters. Your tenants can pay you electronically via platforms like Xoom or Zelle, eliminating the need for cash, checks, or handing off the money in person.

To show vacant units, you can use property management software to create virtual visits and take high-quality photos. Speak with potential tenants using a video conferencing app like Skype or Zoom to avoid meeting in person.

With Screen Renters, you can complete the tenant screening process remotely and online. You don’t have to meet with applicants to collect documents—we’ll do it for you. To start screening applicants safely during COVID, create a free account with Screen Renters today.

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