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Eviction Records, renting with eviction records

Renting to Tenants with an Eviction Record

Renting a property can be a daunting task, especially when faced with the challenge of evaluating a tenant’s rental history, including any prior evictions. An eviction record can be a significant red flag for landlords and may raise concerns about the tenant’s ability to fulfill their obligations as a renter. … Read More

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Residence History

A tenant’s residence history refers to a record of where the tenant has lived in the past, typically including information about previous rental properties and landlords. This information can include the addresses of previous residences, the length of time the tenant lived at each location, and the reason for leaving. … Read More

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Rent-to-Income Ratio: What Landlords Should Know

To assess a tenant’s affordability, investors and landlords determine the rent-to-income ratio by calculating the monthly rent as a percentage of the applicant’s income. The industry standard is a maximum of 30% of gross income going towards rent. According to HUD, tenants who exceed this 30% threshold are considered to … Read More

What does a tenant background check show?

What does a Tenant Background Check Show?

Landlords and property management companies often conduct background checks on potential tenants to verify their identity and check for any potential issues, such as a history of evictions. The scope of these checks can vary, but typically they include information such as past rental history. Wondering exactly what does a … Read More

bad rental history

What Is a Bad Rental History?

As a landlord, it’s in your best interests to make sure that the tenant you approve for your property is trustworthy, respectful, and easy to work with. That’s why the tenant approval process is such an important part of every landlord’s job. If you’re in the process of screening tenants for … Read More

Landlord Criminal Background check

Can Landlords Conduct Tenant Criminal Background Checks?

Most landlords are allowed to conduct criminal background checks as part of the applicant screening process. It’s important to closely follow tenant screening laws, though, so you’re not accused of discrimination. Local Bans on Prospective Tenant Background Checks Some cities have prohibited landlords from running background checks, including Berkley, Richmond, Oakland, … Read More